These training are individual or small groups for youth, high school and collegiate players. Black Pirate will evaluate your skills and create an Individualized Development Plan (IDP) for you! Each player will have film sessions and tools to track their progress. We offer Position Specific Experts (PSE) for top of the line training. Groups will allow players to evolve their abilities into the short sided game rolling these lessons out into full field play. We work with youth, high school and collegiate players. 


Training can be individual or small groups and ages from youth to collegiate. We will evaluate your skills and create an Individual Development Plan (IDP) for each player that fits their needs and goals. Goalies will get feedback from film sessions and tools to track your progression. 


Speed and agility is the foundation of sports. Strength and improvement in these areas will help prevent injury while making players move more efficiently on the field. Black Pirate also offers collegiate level run testing. Players can sign up for a session tailored to their needs of players or general agility session. 


Black Pirate offers group sports yoga sessions with our instructor. To provide full recovery for the athletes we also have a licensed massage therapist for cupping and massage sessions.


Experts say we have 60,000-80,000 thoughts per day. 80% of our thoughts are negative. Black Pirate believes our athletes can learn to break this statistic which will alter their game and create a strong mentality in life. We will have mentality sessions with a sports psychologist that players can sign up for.